Anishinaabe Agriculture Institute is a non profit organization.

Our seeds are our future, and they are the future of food. Indigenous people know 7000 crops and one million varieties, while the majority of industrial agriculture has whittled this down to l35 major crops and l03,000 varieties.

Major corporations like Monsanto and Syngenta talk about climate change adapting varieties they are introducing; using billions of dollars to create 'climate smart varieties. One-hundred, thirty-six million (USD) is the average cost for climate smart seeds per species. In the meantime, Indigenous nations worldwide are adapting our pre-petroleum varieties to the times ahead.

Combined, Indigenous farmers are producing today 70% of the world’s food. That’s our work.

We are working to restore food ways, rematriate seeds, and make a new economy; one based on local food, energy and fiber. We have two branches: Winona’s Hemp for the textiles of the future and Anishinaabe Agriculture, our tax-exempt sister organization focused on regenerative and post petroleum or reduced petroleum agriculture and restoration of traditional varieties of our food.

Mino Miijim - Our good foods

We welcome financial support, technical and educational support. Please join us.